Are You Ready For Success!

In order for a technician to be successful installing and servicing today's complex electro-mechanical equipment and systems, that technician must have a "solid base" technical background. Do you want to be a successful technician? High paying jobs with bright futures are begging to be filled - right now.     Are you ready?

The Furnaceman offers training in the following areas:

* Electrical Theory I ~ Foundation for the Troubleshooter (Solid Base*) Click Here
* Electrical Theory II ~ Troubleshooting Skills (Solid Base*) Click Here
* Using and understanding Math for the Mechanical Trades (Solid Base*) Click Here

* Residential Heat Loss ~ First Step to Heating System Design (Solid Base*)
Click Here
* Residential Heat Gain ~ First Step to Air Conditioning Design (Solid Base*) Click Here
* Refrigeration
Theory & Troubleshooting (Solid Base*) Click Here
* Hydronic System Theory ~ Troubleshooting (Solid Base*) Click Here
* Oil Burner Certification Prep (Mass) Click Here

Refrigeration Technician's License Prep (Mass.) Click Here
* EPA Certification Prep & Test (I, II, III, & Universal)
Click Here

* NATE Certification Prep & Test Click Here

*Warning: We use the phrase "(Solid Base)" to describe certain courses. Participants who successfully pass a "Solid Base" course should have just that, a rock solid base of technical understanding in that course's subject matter. Please understand, these courses are demanding, and they will require a working knowledge of math and a basic understanding of mechanical science.

Certificates of achievement will be awarded to those who pass a test given at the end of each course. If you are serious about learning, and you are willing to give it your all (including classroom perticipation, discussion, and exercises, then you should attend our "Solid Base" courses to gain the skills you will need.