Furnaceman Technologies
(Prerequisites: High School Education or Equivalent, Employment in the Mechanical Trades)

Course Outline:

Math For The Mechanical Trades
· Whole Numbers Both Positive And Negative

· Differentials
· Fractions, Decimals, Percentages
· Variables, Formulas, And Rearranging Formulas
· Direct Proportions
Mechanical Physics For The Trades
· Pressure, Flow, Opposition To Flow
· Difference Between Power & Energy
· Compression & Tension Stresses On Construction Components
Fundamentals Of The Psychometric Chart
· Dry Bulb & Wet Bulb Temperatures
· Relative Humidity, Dew Points, and Grains Of Moisture Per Pound Of Air
· Energy Content Of Air At Various Temperatures And Moisture Contents
Theory Of Heat Loss & Heat Gain
· Temperature Differentials
· Insulation Values ~ "R" & "U" Factors
· Heat Loss & Heat Gain by Conduction Formulas
· Heat Loss
& Heat Gain by Infiltration & Ventilation Formulas
· Unusual Solar Conductive Heat Gains
· Latent Heat Gain
By Infiltration,Ventilation, and Humidity
Energy Usage And Costs
· Understanding Degree Days
· Converting Degree Days into Hours Of Exposure Per Year
· Projecting Yearly Energy Requirements
· Calculating Fuel Consumption & Costs Based On Fuel Price, Energy Content, And Equipment Efficiencies
Energy Conservation Techniques
· Energy Saving Effects of ~ Night Temperature Setback
· Energy Saving Effects
of ~ Zoning Systems
· Energy Saving Effects
of ~ Adding Insulation, And Where To Add It
· Energy Saving Effects
of ~ Adding Humidity& Lowering Temperatures
· Energy Saving Effects
of ~ Energy Reclaim Units
· Energy Saving Effects
of ~ Decreasing Infiltration And Ventilation