Furnaceman Technologies
(Prerequisites: Thermodynamics for HVAC)

Course Outline:

Electrical Terminology
· Understanding voltage, current, resistance, power

· Understand differences between AC & DC
Relationships of Voltage, Current, Resistance, Power
· Study what will happens to each of the other variables when one variable changes
· Review of ohm's law for one resistor and parallel ~ series multiple resistor circuits
Lock-out ~ Tag-out Safety
· Review of lock-out tag-out procedures
· Safety is everyone's responsibility, how to promote safety on the job
Alternating Current
· What is alternating current
· Sources of alternating current
· Uses of alternating current
Direct Current
· What is direct current
· Sources of direct current
· Uses of direct current
Single Phase & Three Phase Power ("Delta" & "WYE")
· Understand transformers & multi-tap ~ center-tap windings
· Understand single phase and three phase power circuits
· Understand voltage differences between "Delta" & "WYE" three phase supplies
· Examine the internal components in single and three phase panels
· Understand proper methods of testing single and three phase panels
Understanding Single and three Phase Electric Motors
· Understand shaded pole, split phase, CSIR, CSCR, and ECM motors
· Understand starting components including centrifugal switches, current relays, potential relays, and solid state starting devices
· Understand why three phase motors don't have start windings
Wiring diagrams & troubleshooting techniques
· Read and draw pictorial and ladder wiring diagrams
· Understand Line ~ Load ~ Control (LLC) and control strategies
· Troubleshooting techniques including:
    o Using a volt meter as your primary troubleshooting tool
    o Hopscotch circuit testing using live and neutral reference points
    o Using current limiting strategies to find direct shorts with your amp meter