Furnaceman Technologies
COURSE   5   "Duct & Hydronic System Design Considerations"
(Prerequisites: Thermodynamics for HVAC, Electrical Theory & Troubleshooting Techniques, Gas & Oil)
Course Outline:


Characteristics Of Supply & Return Registers ~ Register Placement
· Air velocities vs distance
· Noise due to air movement and pressure drops
Blower CFM ~ Pressure Differentials ~ Horse Power
· Blower curves
· Equipment curves
· Pressure drops for various external components
Duct Components & Equivalent Lengths
· Figuring the best path to run duct
· What duct components are needed
· What is the equivalent lengths of the duct components
Sizing Ducts Based On Equivalent Lengths
· How to identify effective pressure available based on total equivalent lengths
· Sizing duct systems for several practice homes and businesses


Fundamentals Of Hydronic Circuits ~ Hydronic Components
· What is a hydronic system
· Why is the system pressurized
· What is the job of the circulator
Pump Curves ~ Pipe Friction Charts
· Pump head curves and circulator flow rates
· How to calculate the friction imposed by piping
· Sizing piping systems to achieve flow rates based on available pump head
Temperature Drops ~ Flow Rates ~ Multiple Parallel Loop Strategies
· Calculating energy dissipation based on flow rates and temperature drops
· Looking at thermal mass and energy requirements to change temperatures
Baseboard System Design
· Types of baseboard systems
· Sizing baseboard systems for several practice homes
Introduction to Radiant Heating Systems
· Materials used in radiant heating systems
· Controlling flows
· Temperature considerations
· Primary ~ secondary loop strategies