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Tim Reardon is an Trainer, Applications Specialist,
Troubleshooter, and a Proctor for both EPA & NATE

The psychrometric chart ~ yes, technicians should understant this!

Should a technician understand the technology?
We think so!

Charts, Graphs, Math, Formulas, the Science of HVAC ... Does your technician understand the technology?
Probably not!

Reality check ... we need training!!

Above, Tim is presenting information about air to a group of students. Based on a fixed mass of air (the pound or kg), there exists a relationship between volume, dry bulb ~ wet bulb temperatures, due point, humidity, water content, and energy content. This technology is fundamental and should be understood by all HVAC technicians ... and yet less than 10% of the technicians out there understand it.
Tim Reardon has spent thousands of hours in the classroom teaching technology. He was recently working with a major HVAC manufacturer when he was given the job of developing an evaluation process that would test the theoretical understanding of the very people who size, install, tune, and repair residential and light commercial heating & cooling systems.

Over 200 HVAC trades people took the evaluation tests, and the average score ended up being a very disappointing 38.2%. To be thought of as being competent in this field, a trades person should score well over 70% on such tests.

What does this mean to you?

In all probability, the HVAC technicians working for you do not understand HVAC technology! As a result, your customers at risk of wasting energy, shortening the life of their equipment, not enjoying the maximum comfortable their systems are capable of supplying.

Tim says: "Many self-proclaimed technicians state that they don't need training, that they have been doing this work for many ~ many years and they know everything they need to know." Well, the fact is ... many of them have been working in this business ... and doing things "wrong", for many ~ many years!"

Why hire Tim to train your technicians?

  • Because Tim doesn't guess, nor does he use rules of thumb. Instead, he teaches solid engineering principles when training technicians to troubleshoot and design reliable, cost effective, energy efficient heating and cooling systems.
  • Tim has taken and taught dozens of engineering and technical courses in college and at post secondary schools. He currently holds four trade licenses in the state of Massachusetts.
  • Tim is often called upon to solve difficult HVAC problems that other's can't solve. How does he solve them? He understands and uses the technology.
  • Tim will often recommend modifying and /or upgrading existing systems instead of specifying new ... very expensive equipment. The results ... better performance and lots of money saved!
  • Tim is a recognized expert in his trade, and offers his services as a guest lecturer and trainer. Please e-mail Tim at coolingflorida@yahoo.com, or phone him at: 941-244-7440 for more information.

  • What do students say about Tim's training?

  • I think he did a great job., I learned a lot and he covered everything I asked ... great job (Scott S.   Technician)
  • Great class! Perfect method of introducing new information. (Robert L.   U.S. Coast Guard)
  • Learned a lot more than most courses ... and everyone in class participated in the troubleshooting exercises ... it was a lot of fun and will defiantly help me solve problems in the future. (Carl N.   Technician)
  • This class is perfect for someone with some hands-on experience ... I now understand the "why" of why things work the way they do. (Dan S.   Technician)
  • Instructor was fantastic! Great material, presented well, a very knowledgeable teacher. (Richard V.   P.E.)
  • I enjoyed looking at real world problems and the different techniques we can use to troubleshoot them ... ways of thinking "outside the box". (Steven B.   Engineer)

Furnaceman Technologies offers HVAC Training!

Once You Master The Science of "Why"
The Mechanical "How" Becomes Easy!

Science of Air

Science of Refrigeration

Science of Heat

Today's heating and cooling systems are unbelievably complex. We've moved away from simple relays and contractors to turn on and off various components and now use electronics. We have thermostats that actually "learn" how your home responds to a call for heat or cooling, and over a period of a few days, these learning thermostats actually adjust their program so your home arrives at a program temperature "on time".    Energy efficient "ECM" motors are programmed to deliver the exact amount of air for maximum performance and efficiency. Heat Pumps and Cooling systems utilize equipment with bigger inside and outside coils, smaller displacement compressors, and new ozone friendly refrigerants, all of which work together to move more BTU's while using less energy to do it.

The future of HVAC belongs to the technician who understands the science associated with this field. Learning by doing just doesn't cut it anymore. To be a really good technician you need to understand and use HVAC science right down to the fundamental theories ... and that means going to school! And it's not just us, or the manufacturers saying this, local .. state .. and federal regulations mandate that systems be properly designed, installed, repaired, and adjusted so the consumer receives maximum performance and comfort while consuming the least amount of energy possible.  

You'll understand AC refrigeration like you never thought you could.
You will know what's happening in every nook~and~cranny of
the refrigeration circuit in an air conditioning system.

And with our training, you'll understand why statements
like these should never be used:

"Perfect ... a 40 degree cooling coil."
"Beautiful ... a beer can cold suction line."
"Your all set, it's blowing ice cold air and it feels good to me."


Electrical theory & troubleshooting skills are thought to be the most important skills for today's HVAC technician.
HVAC systems are powered, controlled, and regulated by electricity. To be a successful technician, you must understand electricity - how it works, what physical laws control it, and how to hunt down and fix problems.

We have a "Rock~Solid" training program where we will
hammer you with important technical information
time and time again until you know that information cold.

After taking our electrical course, you will have the ability to (as we put it) "think like an electron" - and yes - you will be able to
effectively hunt down and fix both simple and complex electrical control problems.

Ask about at Our "Tech Evaluation" and
Consider our "Fast Track" Training Program:
Confidential Evaluation of Theoretical Skills
(50) 4 Hr Classes: Our Complete "Solid Base" Heating & Air Conditioning Training Program
Individual HVAC Courses:
(2) 4 Hr Class: How to Solve Trade Related Math Problems.
(3) 4 Hr Classes: Electrical Theory ~ Understanding & Designing Electrical Circuits ~ Electrical Troubleshooting Techniques
(1) 4 Hr Classes: Single phase, Three phase, and ECM motors
(5) 4 Hr Classes: Basics of heat (sensible & latent), fluid flow, what is a refrigerant, refrigeration components, the refrigeration cycle, understanding what's happening in every nook & cranny of a working AC - Refrigeration Circuit, EPA prep with practice exams, and the EPA test.
(2) 4 Hr Classes: Understanding Every Nook & Cranny in an AC - Refrigeration Circuit & How to Troubleshoot Problems ~ Plus: Refrigeration for Heat Pumps.
(1) 4 Hr Class: Review and Safety Certification for R-410A
(2) 4 Hr Classes: Electrical Theory ... From the basics to today's multistage systems
(2) 4 Hr Classes: The Nuts & Bolts of Heat Loss & Heat Gain
(2) 4 Hr Classes: Things You Need to Know About Designing a Duct Systems
Additional courses can be developed for you. Contact us and lets discuss your needs.

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